50ml Boozy Patchouli Parfum
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50ml Boozy Patchouli Parfum
50ml Boozy Patchouli Parfum
Eauso Vert – $ 165.00


Feelings of connection and craving rush down the spine. Powered by patchouli and squeezed with citrus, inhale and feel the thrill of a reawakening, the resurgence of togetherness. Rich and earthy notes bloom with an unexpected upcycled rose. This scent carries with it a distinguished optimism through sparkling bergamot and a savory lemon twist, designed to complete this olfactive experience, like a garnish in your favorite cocktail.



Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Lemon Cedrat, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes:  Upcycled Rose, Moroccan Neroli, Orris

Base Notes: Patchouli, Turkish Rose, Vetiver, Amber

Cruelty free | Vegan |  97.8% biodegradable | Genderless