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Embossed Things Plate
Embossed Things Plate
Dog Pasta by Alyssa Piro – $ 65.00

We asked Alyssa Piro to create an everyday plate full of unique animals, shapes and things and boy, did she deliver. There are too many things to fall in love with here but our favorite is the mini stamped lady bug. Each piece is made by hand and slight variations may occur. Treat yourself to a plate that will make everything else in your kitchen jealous!


Approx 7" D x 1/2" H | Hand Washing Suggested


About: Dog Pasta is…undeniably irresistible; spicy. For everyday life, contemplation and care. Dog Pasta makes tender items for a dangerous world. Made by hand in Philadephia by one person (Alyssa Piro) and a dog named Babka.