Matthieu Nicol - Better Food for Our Fighting Men
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Matthieu Nicol - Better Food for Our Fighting Men
Matthieu Nicol - Better Food for Our Fighting Men
Idea Books – $ 35.50


This book contains images, produced in the 1970s and 1980s, from the archives of the U.S. Army. Feeding the troops is fraught with logistical, health and psychological challenges for the world’s most formidable army. The goal is to provide sustenance and boost morale across the full range of climate, terrain and troop configurations, from mess halls for the officers and self-service buffets for the rank-and-file to battlefield canteens and survival rations for commandos. Irradiate, dehydrate, thermostabilize, compress, preserve, rehydrate, heat up, dish out... These images document the experiments developed by nutrition and logistics experts in what the Army called “food science laboratories".

Hardcover | 192 pages | 17 cm x 19 cm