H00p Dreams Print
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H00p Dreams Print
H00p Dreams Print
Marc Williams – $ 48.00

We met Marc Williams in 2019 as a student and he quickly became one of our favorite YOWIE interns. Talented, thoughtful, gregarious and game for anything we are so excited to see Marc continue to grow as an artist and photographer. We are honored to feature his print H00p Dreams in our five year collection.


Print measures 11" x 14" with a 7/8" at sides and 1.5" at top and bottom. This is printed in an edition of 50.


About: Marc Williams was born and raised in Mt.Pocono, PA and now is a Philadelphia based artist. Williams uses photography and video as a means to investigate the identity of the self. Utilizing the influences of pop culture and his own experience Williams makes work that exposes his multifaceted identity.