Aboriginal Zine by Alex Brooks
  1. Care
  2. Decor + Objects
  3. Eating + Drinking
  4. Homes for Plants
  5. Newness
  6. Paper + Art
  7. SALE
  8. Smells + Candles + Care
  9. Textiles + Soft Things
Aboriginal Zine by Alex Brooks
Aboriginal Zine by Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks – $ 20.00
Aboriginal is a 32-page book of original art and text by Alex Brooks.


The content of the book deals with the the spectrum of thought and emotion that is collectively impacting young people, cast over the backdrop of environmental and social strife, in the hope of kickstarting an internal dialogue within the reader. Born out of this insatiable urge to respond to what I have seen and experienced over the course of this whirlwind year, my hope is that Aboriginal can act as a realistic yet optimistic framework for those looking to move forward with new perspectives.


250mmx170mm, full color, printed on newsprint and staple bound.


Alex is a former YOWIE intern :)