Find Peace Keep Peace Zine
  1. Care
  2. Decor + Objects
  3. Eating + Drinking
  4. Homes for Plants
  5. Newness
  6. Paper + Art
  7. SALE
  8. Smells + Candles + Care
  9. Textiles + Soft Things
Find Peace Keep Peace Zine
Find Peace Keep Peace Zine
Lorenzo Diggins Jr – $ 20.00

Find Peace. Keep Peace. (FPKP Journal) is an independent, print publication exploring inner-peace. As a “well-being advocacy” journal, we understand that this is a broad concept that can ultimately be defined in many ways. Through thought pieces, short stories, interviews, photography, illustration, painting, music, and poetry we intend to explore them all.


About: Lorenzo Diggins Jr is a visual artist and independent art book publisher based out of South Central Los Angeles.