Afro Surf by Mami Wata
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Afro Surf by Mami Wata
Afro Surf by Mami Wata
Mami Wata – $ 40.00

AFROSURF is the first book to capture and celebrate the surf and related street cultures of Africa. This unprecedented collection is compiled by Mami Wata, an African surf company that aims to connect the world to the power of African surf. Mami Wata brings together its co-founder Selema Masekela and some of Africa's finest photographers, thinkers, writers, and surfers to explore the unique culture of eighteen coastal countries, from Morocco to Somalia, Mozambique, South Africa, and beyond. Packed with over 200 photos and fifty essays, AFROSURF features profiles, thought pieces, poems, playlists, photos, illustrations, ephemera, recipes, and a mini comic, all wrapped in an astounding design that captures the diversity and character of Africa.