Brain Dead: Clothing for a Curious Life Book
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Brain Dead: Clothing for a Curious Life Book
Brain Dead: Clothing for a Curious Life Book
Rizzoli – $ 65.00

Inspired by the natural world, sprawling subcultures, and the occasional obscure horror film, Brain Dead is exactly the opposite of what its title suggests. Alive, smart, and keeping their cult fan base guessing.


In 2014 Kyle Ng and Ed Davis founded Brain Dead in sunny LA. Quickly they grew to include a global team of talented artists and designers that captivated the attention of fans worldwide.


A stakeholder in the underground LA scene, Brain Dead has collaborated with names like Magic The Gathering, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Marvel, and NTS Radio; brands including Reebok,Converse, A.P.C., the North Face, Asics, Dickies, Kiko Kostadinov, and Oakley. This book chronicles the formation and development of the brand as it has evolved to work with an exciting roster of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers.


320 Pages | Hardcover