Revue Diorama No.2
  1. ALL
  2. Care
  3. Decor + Objects
  4. Eating + Drinking
  5. Gifts ~ $30 & Under
  6. Gifts ~ Black, Latinx & AAPI Owned
  7. Homes for Plants
  8. Newness
  9. Paper + Art
  10. SALE
  11. Smells + Candles + Care
  12. Textiles + Soft Things
Revue Diorama No.2
Revue Diorama No.2
Marie-Mam Sai Bellier – $ 55.00

Following in the footsteps of 1970s international type specimen newsprint and type foundries journals, the Revue Diorama is a project which takes as a starting point an historical quote. The latter is sent to a variety of guests for them to react to. The editorial team then gives shape to these contents in a bespoke way for each of the issue of Revue Diorama.


“Future is emerging with the new geometric city, polychrome and solar. Plastic art will be kinetic, multidimensional and communal, abstract for sure and close to the science.”


About: Marie-Mam Sai Bellier is a graphic and type designer, co-founder of Diorama Type Partners (studio, type foundry and publishing house). She considers the text as an image, as a subject, but also as a historical witness of its time. Her practice as a type designer and researcher is vividly present within her commissioned projects of graphic design.