Mold Magazine - The Seed Issue
  1. Care
  2. Decor + Objects
  3. Eating + Drinking
  4. Homes for Plants
  5. Newness
  6. Paper + Art
  7. SALE
  8. Smells + Candles + Care
  9. Textiles + Soft Things
Mold Magazine - The Seed Issue
Mold Magazine - The Seed Issue
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MOLD Magazine is the first print magazine about the future of food. Each issue of the annual magazine focuses on a different theme. Issue 5 explores what seed intelligence might teach us for preparing for an uncertain future. This issue includes an interview with the great activist and author, Dr. Vandana Shiva, a feature about the importance of the Shakers and spiritual design, photography by David Brandon Geeting, and contributions from chefs including DeVonn Francis (Yardy), Angela Dimayuga (NYTimes contributor), Lexie Smith (Bread on Earth), and seed stewards like farmer Kristyn Leach and educator Owen Taylor.