*NEW* Diana Was A Birds Fan Tee
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*NEW* Diana Was A Birds Fan Tee
*NEW* Diana Was A Birds Fan Tee
Gleep Glop for YOWIE – $ 25.00

I'm just gonna put this on wax: there's no greater fan than an Eagles fan. Legend has it even Lady Di was a birds fan or at the very least she was fond of the colors green, silver, and Eagles statistician Jack Edelstein. I'd love to tell you they were star crossed lovers separated by an ocean of societies' expectations, the age old debate of "fries" vs. "chips", and wether British or American humor is better but they met at a funeral. Grace Kelly's to be exact.


Go Birds. Pats Suck. F*ck Tom Brady for life and all that jazz. #criscocops


**Limited Edition**


Printed on 100% cotton Gildan unisex blanks. Please wash inside out with to preserve the digital print for as long as possible. Do not iron.

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