Emotional Eating Book
  1. Decor + Objects
  2. Eating + Drinking
  3. Homes for Plants
  4. Newness
  5. Paper + Art
  6. SALE
  7. Smells + Candles
  8. Textiles + Soft Things
Emotional Eating Book
Emotional Eating Book
Dimes – $ 40.00

If you're ever had a conversation about restaurants with our founder Shannon you've probably heard her whine seven words (more than once). "WHY don't we have a Dimes here!?" After leaving New York in 2016 Shannon still dreams of this perfect all day cafe with the perfect amount of laid back style, delicious food, and cute staff. Hopefully one day she'll convince them to open an outpost in Philadelphia but until then there's always this book! 


Published by KARMA | Text by Alissa Wagner + Toniann Fernandez | Photos by Mary Manning | Design by Erin Knutson