Dreamland Hat
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Dreamland Hat
Dreamland Hat
Miracle Seltzer x YOWIE – $ 10.00

In 2020 we purchased a 12-pack of Miracle Seltzer, not knowing it would unlock a collaboration and kickstart a new friendship. We were a few months month into quarantine and feeling trapped. If we wanted to go anywhere we had to do it in our minds or in a book. Instead of hiding and waiting for the world to go back to “NORMAL”, we began to dream.

As we grappled with the chaos around us, our dreams took us to DREAM LAND. A waterpark whose slides and pools bubble with 100% Pure Carbonated Water. Dream Land is situated on an astral plane in and around the heart of Queen Village, Philadelphia, PA. Admission is free. Bring your whole family!


This Limited Edition Hat is 100% cotton. Fit is classic and it will make your day infinitely better.


About Miracle SeltzerLower your brainwaves and open your eyes really wide. There are Miracles all around you. Founded by artists B. Thom Stevenson and Jason S. Wright, Miracle Seltzer is 12oz of pure carbonated water to make all your dreams come true. Miracle Seltzer is of the mind (publishing), body (fashion) and spirit (beverage). Each can is your one way ticket to a new dimension where you will experience 100% PURE PSYCHIC LOVE.