Stefan Marx: Notes
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Stefan Marx: Notes
Stefan Marx: Notes
Artbook – $ 14.95

Whimsical notebooks/artist’s books designed by the beloved German draftsman


German artist Stefan Marx (born 1979) draws a great deal on a variety of grounds: large and small, colored or white paper; on cardboard, porcelain, skateboards or textiles. He also always likes to draw in small notebooks. He takes them everywhere, because they are convenient, lightweight and are the right size for any idea.

Now, Marx has developed versions of his ideal notebooks, with four different covers and surprising drawings here and there on the inside pages. These unique notebooks/artist’s books contain 144 blank pages perfect for lively drawings of the family dog, friendly caricatures of vegetables and fan art of a favorite rock star.


Paperback Notebook | 4.25" x 6.5" | 144 pgs | 4 bw.

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