Tiny Lamp in Forest
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Tiny Lamp in Forest
Tiny Lamp in Forest
YOWIE – $ 248.00

Introducing Tiny Table Light, a miniature fixture that packs a big punch of personality and style. Tiny was made in partnership with Gantri, a manufacturer of premium lights based in the Bay Area of California. With the mutual mission of creating a platform for independent design, Tiny represents the beauty that can come from collaboration.


With its petal-like legs and dome-shaped diffuser, Tiny evokes the charm of a friendly companion. Taking cues from the exaggerated forms of animated characters, Yowie stays true to design that refuses to take itself too seriously. Tiny stands at just over 12 inches tall but makes a big statement with it’s friendly frame, bold color choice, and plant-based materials. Ideal for brightening up corners filled with art books and trinkets or keeping you company deskside – Tiny is a welcome addition to any space.