Tony Lewis: Anthology 2014-2016
  1. ALL
  2. Care
  3. Decor + Objects
  4. Eating + Drinking
  5. Gifts ~ $30 & Under
  6. Gifts ~ Black, Latinx & AAPI Owned
  7. Homes for Plants
  8. Newness
  9. Paper + Art
  10. SALE
  11. Smells + Candles + Care
  12. Textiles + Soft Things
Tony Lewis: Anthology 2014-2016
Tony Lewis: Anthology 2014-2016
Mousse Publishing – $ 40.00

Tony Lewis: Anthology 2014–2016 is the debut volume in a new series of publications by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden––the national museum of modern and contemporary art—that focuses upon significant works in the Museum collection. The book showcases thirty-four trailblazing collage-poems by the artist Tony Lewis. Drawing together the energy and hilarity of comic strips—especially the legendary Calvin and Hobbes—with a profound poetic sensibility, Lewis plays with line and language to create works that teach us about the magic of drawing just as they demonstrate a new way to understand poetry. Accompanying essays and drawings by scholars and artists Theaster Gates, Betsy Johnson, and Karl Haendel reveal how Lewis is creating a unique place for himself within contemporary art.

Texts by Theaster Gates,
 Betsy Johnson,
Tony Lewis, and a visual essay by Karl Haendel