YOWIE x Telsha Anderson Hand Sculpture
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YOWIE x Telsha Anderson Hand Sculpture
YOWIE x Telsha Anderson Hand Sculpture
YOWIE X Telsha Anderson – $ 75.00

Our founder Shannon Maldonado and Telsha Anderson are joining forces to create something that highlights unique design and reflects their ambitions to expand their impact and reach. The result is a one-of-a-kind playful sculpture of a woman’s hand holding grapes, symbolizing abundance and growth, cast in resin.


Scuplture Measures - 8.5" T  x 5.5" W

Box Measures - 10" T x 7.5" W

Telsha Anderson is the founder and buyer of T.A., a design- forward NYC shop that presents a renewed outlook towards luxury living. Shannon Maldonado is the founder and creative director of YOWIE, a creative studio and lifestyle boutique in Philadelphia. Their friendship started as many do these days, online. The two founders quickly bonded through a flurry of DMs. Their shared stance on the transformative power of design and art, and love of building authentic brands shine through in this work and all that T.A. and YOWIE do.